We're Ash + Coll.
We like our drinks strong and our friendships stronger.

We’ve always been told we need our own reality show. So, after getting rejected by the
food network we said to hell with it and made up our own show on social media. Lots of
drinks and followers later and our love child, the You Can Sip With Us Podcast, was born.

want to take it too far? Cool. Us too.

Coll is the kind of friend you pour your heart out to. Ash is the kind of friend who will rip someone’s heart out if they try to cross you. We’re a perfect combo of a spicy tequila and a smooth whiskey. Loving and loyal… and a little outta control when forces are combined.

We both went to University of Oregon and fell in love instantly at a chance run in at Starbucks. A lot has changed since then- we’ve each gotten hitched, launched careers and have become moms. But, a lot hasn’t…

From our 20s to our 30s, we’re still the same two girls who laugh uncontrollably at each other’s jokes, jump at the first chance to celebrate each other and who know without a doubt this friendship is a one in a million kinda thing.

We’ve got miles that separate us now and, knowing we both suck at calling each other on the phone, we meet up for happy hour virtually twice a week on the You Can Sip With Us pod and it’s how we’ve kept our magic alive. We’re forever grateful for this beautiful podcast love child and that along the way our squad has grown into quite a party with all of YOU!

You Can Sip With Us Always!


I BELIEVE IN: waiting for desserts to cool before eating them, themed music with dinner, stopping to smell the roses and finding all the reasons to celebrate.

I'M NOT ABOUT: chardonnay, pineapple on pizza. or sharing my families mac & cheese recipe with you… ever. 

YOU CAN FIND ME: podcasting with my bestie, loving the drama of a great tiki bar, doing recon on the next best show to binge, exploring the world with my current husband or camping with my dudes.


BOTTOM LINE: the proper ice cube might be just as important as the drink and Taylor Swift is still massively underrated.


I BELIEVE IN: straight talk, strong drinks, working hard but playing harder, dreaming freaking big, and prioritizing your wants and wishes above everybody elses opinions.

I'M NOT ABOUT: playing small, staying stuck, making excuses or buying into the belief that we'll be better when we're smaller.

YOU CAN FIND ME: podcasting with my bestie, coaching women to find peace in their bodies, or chillin' out back with my family, margarita in hand.


BOTTOM LINE: thick skin. clear boundaries. good friends. best family. self love. happy hours. big goals. big laughter. big mood.





anything with a high rotten tomatoes and audience score

an old fashioned 

the Vanishing Half

homemade pasta

Coll is Currently


Folklore + Evermore





reality anything

a margarita... extra spicy!

the latest by Colleen Hoover

spicy salami pizza from Oven + Shaker in Portland

Ash is Currently


Taylor Swift's Reputation

"Could it be any better!?
10/10 my absolute favorite podcast to listen to. These besties feel like my besties. Hanging out twice a week had kept me sane and entertained!

From the best recommendations, heartfelt truths, and hilarious games I am always looking forward to more!"


Sip Squad Sound Off:

Coll is on the constant hunt for the next best jam. Find her top picks on spotify and get your groove (or cleaning, walking, running, breakfast cooking, etc) on!

Jam out to Coll's currated playlist!

Better than Free Ice Cream!

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