It's a Podcast,

but it's also Happy Hour

It's a Podcast,

but it's also Happy Hour

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Your virtual BFF's bringing our faves, hot takes, and shenanigans. Tune in weekly... we saved a bar stool just for you. 

Being a woman in todays world is no joke and we’re not afraid to share it ALL. Bring your sense of humor and throw caution to the wind because on this pod everything is game on.

We Get Real

We Tell You What You Need to Know

Let us do the heavy lifting finding the best stuff out there that you need to know about. From what you need to watch, read, drink and buy to how to deal with the postpartum blues or career advice we’ll serve it to you on a silver platter each week.

Why You Need YCSWU In Your Life:

We Guarantee a Good Time

Whether you’re learning a thing or two, getting that much needed laugh or leaving feeling not so alone, hitting play on this pod is going to be one of the best decisions you make twice a week. Cash back guaranteed.

Want Our Two Sips?

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Think of us like your therapists...without any training, and backed by booze. 

But, if you got a problem, yo' we'll solve it. Drop us a line while our DJ revolves it.

- kenmay

First, I do not love being part of a girl group. I’m a full on tomboy, I work and am friends with almost exclusively dudes. Second, I don’t really care about award shows, beauty, or pop culture. Third, I’m not a mom and probably won’t be.

All that being said, these two make EVERYTHING funny and interesting. You will be laughing and crying right along with these two as they cover a huge array of topics - even the tough ones. They’ve opened my eyes to alllll sorts of fun things that I had no idea I was missing out on. Life = upgraded. You owe it to yourself to grab a cocktail and give this podcast a listen. Cheers, Sippers!

Five Stars:

- Adriana

 I was never a podcast person until I “met” Ash and Coll. This podcast is equal parts funny and informative. Ash and Coll are like your college besties who you can always count on for a good time. On their most recent podcast, Ash discusses freeing yourself from food and diets and it nearly brought me to tears to hear someone say what I have been thinking all along but have been too afraid to say. That’s what is so great about these two-they hold nothing back and make you feel like you are not alone. Do yourself a favor and give them a listen and while you’re at it, just go ahead and sign up for their extra episodes on Patreon too because I guarantee you you’ll be wanting more.

Five Stars:

- rach

I find myself laughing out loud on my walks. They have a way of making me feel all the emotions of life and helping me feel better in my own skin. 

They teach me about life, love, self acceptance, motherhood, and even though we aren’t talking to one another, I feel like they’re always about to fix a problem for me or give me the belly laugh for the day I’m needing. 

If you need a time for yourself: a good laugh, some reassurance that you’re doing the best you can, or just feeling a little alone in the world, these two phenomenal women got your back.  

Five Stars:

Meet Ash + Coll, your new virtual BFF's!

15 years ago at a random Starbucks run in Ash had Coll at hello. Fast forward through
heartbreaks, marriages, babies and an infinite amount of laughter, we know how to keep it real, laugh our asses off and the power of ride or die friendships. Welcome to the party. We’re so glad you’re here.

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