“I’ve liked some podcasts before. I’ve felt like I knew the hosts and some aspects of who they are before. This is the first podcast that I feel like these women know me, too. I find myself laughing out loud on my walks. They have a way of making me feel all the emotions of life and helping me feel better in my own skin. They teach me about life, love, self acceptance, motherhood, and even though we aren’t talking to one another, I feel like they’re always about to fix a problem for me or give me the belly laugh for the day I’m needing. If you need time for yourself: a good laugh, some reassurance that you’re doing the best you can, or just feeling a little alone the world, 

these two phenomenal women got your back."

-rach albright

Sip Squad Sound Off:

Get your Sip On

We’ve teamed up with our girl Leah, master mixologist straight outta Vegas, to bring you the You Can Sip With Us
Cocktail kit. It’s a night out on the town right from your couch.

looking for a little Sunday Funday vibe?